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 At Massage Remedies your massage will be tailored to your bodies needs.  ​​
Depending on the results you are seeking, different massage modalities will be used to achieve optimum results.  
-Single massages
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-Massage Packages
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  1. Swedish
    A gentle massage incorporating long gliding strokes, kneading, light rythymic tapping, and stretching to help relax and energize the muscles.
  2. Chair Massage
    Chair massages are quick energizing massages offered while the client is fully clothed and seated on a massage chair. Only the upper body is worked on in chair massage.
  3. Deep Tissue
    Slower, more forceful strokes used to work deep muscle layers in areas of concern.
  4. Sports Massage
    Various techniques designed to enhance athletic performance and improve injury recovery time.
  5. Prenatal Massage
    Similar to Swedish massage but designed specifically for pregnancy.
  6. Kinesiology Taping
    Kinesiology tape is a specialized tape used to assist in circulatory, lymphatic, fascial, and muscular function.
*Rocktape Certified*
Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet and hands.  These areas correspond to specific body parts and organs.  

Reflexology techniques promote relaxation, which is the first step in breaking the stress cycle.  
Benefits of reflexology include assisting the body in removing toxins, increasing circulation, non-invasive therapy helpful in chronic and acute conditions, increases the bodies natural ability to balance itself.  

Reflexology is similar but not the same as foot zoning.  If you are interested in foot zoning we have a practitioner in our office once a month.
Hot Stone massage is a popular treatment among clients because it is so relaxing.  

Smooth, flat, basalt rocks are heated in a water bath to a temperature of 120*-145*.  ​​
The rocks are then placed on specific areas of the body to warm the tissues and the therapist uses rocks in hand to provide Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage, pettrisage, kneading, and circular movements.  Cold stones may also be used during this treatment as a contrast.

Please note: Contrary to popular photos, hot stones are never placed to lay directly on the skin.  When stones are placed to rest there is always a layer placed to prevent burns.  
Hot Stones